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Supermarket Succulents #1

Hi all, what's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of supermarkets? A place to buy food, right? Once in awhile, you'll probably see plants that's for sale during certain seasons. I got these succulents at Save Mart near my home! I've seen them for several months near the balloon section every… Continue reading Supermarket Succulents #1

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How To: Propagate Jade Plants

Hi all, have you seen those beautiful jade plants before? They are a bit more difficult to propagate than your basic sedum or ghost plant. You've probably researched it, but either come empty or not enough pictures to get a visual. Sometimes it's easier to look at something than read it! I had trouble propagating… Continue reading How To: Propagate Jade Plants

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2 Ways to Tell Your Propagated Succulents Are Ready to Be Potted

Hi all, ever wonder how freaking long it takes or when is it's finally time to pot your succulent baby? I can't tell you HOW long it will take for your succulents to be "ready," but I can tell you when it MIGHT be ready by the way the it looks. Be patient and don't… Continue reading 2 Ways to Tell Your Propagated Succulents Are Ready to Be Potted

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3 Tips to Propagating Succulents, PART 1

Hi all, are you in that succulent phase where you just want to propagate it all, but not too sure how to start? I've been in your shoes and have been propagating succulents from leaves for about a year. Here's my IG,Β, if you want to keep up with me. It's nothing crazy, but it's… Continue reading 3 Tips to Propagating Succulents, PART 1