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How To: Propagate Jade Plants

Hi all, have you seen those beautiful jade plants before? They are a bit more difficult to propagate than your basic sedum or ghost plant. You've probably researched it, but either come empty or not enough pictures to get a visual. Sometimes it's easier to look at something than read it! I had trouble propagating… Continue reading How To: Propagate Jade Plants

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4 Alternative Stitch Markers

Hi all, ever get tired of buying stitch markers because you lose them like crazy? It's like chapstick, you always lose them, like where do they even go and how come you can't find them in the house? lol These are some alternatives things you can use as stitch markers instead and they do have… Continue reading 4 Alternative Stitch Markers

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The Ryder Halter Release

Hi all, I released The Ryder Halter and pattern back in March 2017, but I never had the opportunity to make a blog about it! I love halter tops and I love making them. This top I wanted to go more for a "tribal" design, whatever you want to call it. I don't even know… Continue reading The Ryder Halter Release

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2 Ways to Tell Your Propagated Succulents Are Ready to Be Potted

Hi all, ever wonder how freaking long it takes or when is it's finally time to pot your succulent baby? I can't tell you HOW long it will take for your succulents to be "ready," but I can tell you when it MIGHT be ready by the way the it looks. Be patient and don't… Continue reading 2 Ways to Tell Your Propagated Succulents Are Ready to Be Potted