3 Yarn Bowl Alternatives

Hi all, ever use a yarn bowl for your projects, but think they’re a little too expensive? Continue reading and I’ll show you my version of using whatever you might have around the house to make a makeshift yarn bowl!

I never had a legit yarn bowl before and I would see them in stores and wish I had one.  I never really ventured out to buy one. I didn’t want to spend money on it and haven’t felt like I really needed one to knit or crochet. Recently, I needed some type of holder for my yarn cake because it was getting smaller and smaller as I continued my project. It can get kind of annoying as it gets smaller and rolls around on the ground. It made me become resourceful and use whatever I had lying around my house.


Got a cute mug that you barely use? If it’s large enough you can actually fit a decent size cake for a small project. The best ones are the ones that are wide, but tapers a bit at the mouth. The tapered mouth opening helps the yarn stay in place. After you’re done with the project, you can use the mug for some tea or coffee 😀 I used this bear mug my sister got me a while ago. It’s not as big as other mugs, but if I knit a hat, it can fit enough yarn for it.
IMG_3127 2

I have so many candle jars that goes unused. Every fall/winter, I love buying those 3-wick candles. I normally use about 3-4+ candles during those season. Isn’t it such a shame spending $$$ on candles and the jar goes to waste when you have no idea what to do with it? Save the lid, too!! Drill a hole at the top so you can pull your yarn through it. Put the yarn inside the container, cover it, then WAH LAH, a yarn jar that helps protect your yarn, literally protect it. Downside, once you start your project, you have to finish it unless you’re willing to cut the yarn to take it out of the lid. On the bright side, it pushes you to finish the project!
IMG_3128 2IMG_3129 2

You might think, WTH? Why do I want something in a cup that 1. isn’t wide 2. tall 3. Can easily fall over. If you travel a lot, you might have a “travel” project. These cups are large enough to hold a good amount of yarn, they fit in the car cup holders, and helps you keep things organize in the car. I bought a 32 oz stainless steel cup from Walmart and it fits a whole cake of Lion Brand Mandala. All I did was, pull out the a bit of the inner yarn so I could squish the cake to fill out the whole cup. If that even made any sense.
IMG_3130 2IMG_3131 2IMG_3132 2
**the outer of the cake is pulled out and put on the bottom, while the inner is on top**
IMG_3133 2

Overall, most of the wooden/ceramic yarn bowl I’ve seen are at least $20-$40 or more IF you want something cute. Obviously the higher the price, the better the quality (probably, lol) That’s from my experience. I have so many projects and crap all over my room that there is no way I can buy a ton of yarn bowls and not have that wipe me out. Why not just use whatever you have laying around the house, you did pay for it, why not make use of it!!

What do you guys use as a yarn bowl alternative? I would love to know. The more alternative the better because I have tons of projects that could use a nice home 😀

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  1. Tweedandthebeard says:

    I love what you’ve done with the candle jar, cool idea!


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